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EXBI, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has unveiled a new strategic direction and introduced the launchpad platform, opening doors for users to invest in highly promising Web3 projects during their early stages. 🚀

The newly launched EXBI Launchpad is a user-friendly, centralized platform for token sales, designed with an intuitive interface and a low investment threshold. Inspired by the successful model of Coinlist, a well-known platform in the crypto community, EXBI eliminates the need for detailed exploration of concepts like IDOs and ICOs. With this strategic shift, EXBI aims to create an environment where investing in cryptocurrency startups becomes accessible and comprehensible to individuals from all backgrounds.

In order to achieve this goal, EXBI prioritizes efficient user support, creation of informative educational materials, and meticulous selection of startups for listing. Consequently, the EXBI launchpad will unlock opportunities for millions of users to enter the cryptocurrency world and gain access to investment options in the most promising Web3 projects.

«Based on our 8 years track record of venture investing in the crypto industry, we believe that the market is in great need of quality Web3 projects that offer clear utility and tangible benefits to everyday people. “Our launchpad infrastructure will provide the perfect support system for launching new projects that anyone can invest in, regardless of their experience in crypto» says Arut Nazaryan, founder of EXBI.

Despite the shift in development focus, EXBI assures users that all current functionalities, including spot trading and staking, will continue to be accessible on the platform. Moreover, users with high trading activity will receive priority access to allocations in various exclusive projects featured on the Launchpad. Additionally, EXBI has already started soliciting applications from the community for the first round of project listings, allowing teams to submit their qualifications through a provided form.

To celebrate the launching, EXBI team has organized a promotional campaign using the Gleam platform. Through this campaign, users will have the opportunity to undertake straightforward quests, earning them XP (experience points) as rewards. A leaderboard will be established, and participants who demonstrate high levels of engagement will have the chance to obtain exclusive NFTs. These NFTs will grant access to project allocations, project tokens featured on the EXBI Launchpad, and other enticing rewards in the future!

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