Announcing the launch of EXBI Earn

4 min readFeb 15


We’re excited to introduce EXBI Earn, our new feature that helps users make money from their digital trades. EXBI Earn comes with tools to help you make profits from your crypto holdings. And here, we’ll take you on a quick run-through of how the feature works.

What is EXBI Earn?

EXBI Earn is a mechanism that manages your digital assets and holdings on the EXBI exchange platform so that you can make more income. Through numerous financial products, users can invest in digital tokens and assets with the hope of maximizing their profits.

The platform offers selected digital tokens on which you can stake any amount for a chosen duration. And at the end of the waiting period, you earn a calculated profit based on the interest rate stated on the selected coin.

EXBI Earn allows every customer of the exchange the opportunity to diversify how they earn more through cryptocurrency, thus encouraging loyalty, consistency, and passion for Web3 products and trade. And what’s more, you accumulate your earnings daily!

How It Works

EXBI Earn involves three steps:

  • Pick a preferred earning plan;
  • Add an investment amount;
  • Earn daily rewards.

The simplicity of the process is what makes EXBI Earn so appealing, and its convenience attracts users of all levels of crypto knowledge.

The Earn page features an ‘Earn Wallet’ where your daily earnings are accumulated and displayed. You can also see how much you’ve invested and compare it with your profits from previous days, which are also displayed.

Users can invest any of the listed digital tokens to gain profit based on the given yield and selected wait period. Currently, EXBI Earn allows subscriptions to any of these four plans:

  • EGLD (APR up to 14%)
  • USDT (APR up to 14%)
  • USDC (APR up to 14%)
  • BTC (APR up to 12%)

All plans can be set at Flexible, but fixed-term periods of 30, 60, and 90 days are also available. And once a user is ready to withdraw their funds from EXBI Earn, all they need to do is click on the plan chosen, then select “Withdraw”. The process will then move the investments to your main EXBI account.

Why Invest in EXBI Earn?

The EXBI Earn feature offers high stakes-high reward advantages, making it one of the most lucrative options a crypto investor can ever consider. You also enjoy secure storage as the Earn and EXBI wallets are protected by top-tier security algorithms and technology.

Of course, investing in any form of digital assets comes with its risks, especially because of the crypto market’s volatility. And this is noticed when interest rates change at given times. But, because it runs on internal liquidity reserves, EXBI Earn isn’t associated with any third-party service. This means that compared to other options that are, EXBI Earn investors are exposed to minimal risks.

When Can I Start Investing?

EXBI Earn will be available to all new and existing EXBI users from 15/02/23. And all you need to access its financial products are an EXBI account and wallet. Note that the feature is only eligible to users who have passed their KYC (Know Your Customer) verification requirements.

But if you haven’t, don’t worry; you can run the process once you’ve selected a preferred flexible plan.

So, don’t be left out — start creating your EXBI account so you can enjoy EXBI Earn today! Take a chance now and earn more profits with your digital assets.

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