EXBI: Product Ecosystem

2 min readMay 21


🚀 Launchpad

EXBI Launchpad is a user-friendly, centralized platform for token sales, designed with an intuitive interface and a low investment threshold. The launchpad will operate similarly to Coinlist, a popular platform in the crypto community.

The company’s new direction aims to create conditions where investing in crypto startups is understandable and accessible to everyone.

🏦 EXBI Earn

EXBI Earn is a mechanism that manages your digital assets on the EXBI platform and allows you to earn passive income. Users are offered the option to stake selected digital tokens for a specific period.

At the end of the chosen period, you receive profits based on the specified interest rate. And the best part is that your earnings accumulate daily! Learn more about how EXBI Earn works in this article.

💰 Spot Trading

EXBI combines the efficiency, accessibility, and speed of centralized exchanges with the advantages inherent in decentralized exchanges. Despite the shift in development focus, EXBI assures users that all current functionalities, including spot trading and staking, will continue to be accessible on the platform.

Each exchange customer has the opportunity to diversify their assets through cryptocurrency investments and earn profits.

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