EXBI Team: Transforming the Future of Web3

Who are we?

2 min readMay 21

The EXBI team is a group of highly skilled specialists with a deep knowledge in the fields of finances, cryptocurrencies, and information technologies.

EXBI, the innovative hybrid exchange, was first introduced by Morningstar Ventures at the X Day conference organized by MultiversX. After a strategic shift, we have focused on launching the EXBI launchpad platform, which enables everyone to invest in the most promising Web3 projects at early stages. Furthermore, all the functionalities of spot trading and staking will remain available to EXBI users.

Our leader, Arut Nazaryan, a serial entrepreneur, platinum artist of his label Bugatti Music, and the creator of EXBI, expressed the need for a change in direction: «Based on our 8 years track record of venture investing in the crypto industry, we believe that the market is in great need of quality Web3 projects that offer clear utility and tangible benefits to everyday people. “Our launchpad infrastructure will provide the perfect support system for launching new projects that anyone can invest in, regardless of their experience in crypto».

How do we achieve success?

🔎 Expertise: our team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the crypto industry.

🌎 Global perspective: we understand the cultural, legal, and regulatory nuances of different countries and operate in accordance with them.

🚀 Innovation: we aim to be at the forefront of implementing innovative solutions, creating advanced products and services.

🧠 Teamwork: we are a strong and cohesive team that values the exceptional abilities of each team member.

🤝 Quality and reliability: EXBI team ensures the reliability of our products and services, prioritizing the security and satisfaction of our users.

Why are we a world-class team?

We strive for continuous improvement and the development of cutting-edge solutions to provide our users with security, convenience, and access to the most promising investment opportunities. Our interdisciplinary collaboration and passion for Web3 technologies allow us to successfully adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.

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